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Cleaning the Rivers of the World is a project of the South Ukiah chapter of Rotary International. Located in beautiful Northern California, South Ukiah Rotary (SUR) provides support, leadership, and fellowship for its members and the projects they inspire within the community, and abroad.

Why We Care

Child in Hospital

Child in Hospital

Children are being seen with increasing incidence of abdominal and other cancers – believed to be caused by polluted water and air.

Pipes dumping polluted water

Pipes dumping polluted water


Poorly or untreated effluent is released directly into waterways in many communities. Industrial waste is often allowed to flow into our rivers.

Pesticide spraying

Pesticide spraying


Uncontrolled runoff from agriculture contains harmful chemicals – herbicides, pesticides, and excess fertilizers. Regional and national economies are severely impacted.


It’s EVERYONE’s business to clean up our rivers and there are many ways to help.

Dirty River

Dirty River

How You Can Help

  • Put us in contact  with businesses or agencies that might support the aims of this project.
  • Pass the word  to other individuals and/or groups that might be interested.
  • Donate Now!  Help fund the research and consultancies involved.

We are ready to accept tax-deductible donations earmarked for your projects.

South Ukiah Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 U.S.A. nonprofit organization dedicated to serving humanity.

Our Rotary Foundation’s Areas of Focus

  • Providing Clean Water
  • Fighting Disease
  • Saving Mothers and Children
  • Supporting Education
  • Growing Local Economies
  • Promoting Peace

Learn more at http://www.southukiahrotary.org